Traditional + EXperimental + immersive theater, dance, performance art

lArge scale projection mapping projects
Brooklyn Bridge Social Justice Initiative
Projection Footage + Documentarian 

James Scruggs, Skye Morse-Hodgson, Sidney Fenix, Grayson Earl and The Illuminators projected onto the Brooklyn Bridge with images reminding people about the police killings of Black men. ​​​​​​​
Manus x Machina
Fashion in an Age of Technology
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Camera Assistant + Production Associate

3-Legged Dog & Imaginary Media collaborated with Andrew Bolton, Head Curator of the Costume Institute and the Design Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art  to shoot and animate and map our video design for the dome and process niches of the Office of Metropolitan Architecture's "Ghost Cathedral" in the Lehman Atrium.

Creative Director: Kevin Cunningham • Video System Design: David Tennent • Video Post Production and Animation: Peter Burr • Video Mapping: Katherine Freer • Director of Photography: Mark Raker • Gaffer: Seth Kirby • Sound Design: Marcelo Añez • Associate Scenic Designer: Jim Findlay • Draftsman: Simon Harding • Associate Video Designer/Production Associate: Jason Batchelor • Camera Assistant/Production Associate: Skye Morse-Hodgson • Production Assistant: Vito Spina • Lead Riggers: Janet Clancy, Joe  Kennedy • Modeling and Steel Work: Joe Silovsky • Seamstress: Andreea Mincic • Web Design: Yasmin Santana
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